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Advantage Consulting Group has wide-ranging experience across many industries and institutions. Let us put our wealth of experience gained to work for you in your business!

Integrating Labor Standards into WMS Systems

Advantage Consulting has worked with, and in some cases helped to develop several WMS systems. We have the experience to integrate our standards into various WMS systems working with the vendor and the on-site WMS team.

Standards Generation

Advantage Consulting will create labor standards that match the exact conditions at your facility.
Each facility is unique and requires specific methods to complete each task. Our trained staff will break down each task to its base elements and develop a standard that can be matched to each task performed by your employees.

Process Flow

Advantage Consulting will review all aspects of your operation to determine what changes can be made to improve the overall flow of the process.

  1. We will study the receiving and storage of incoming raw materials.
    1. Are the raw materials received in a timely fashion?
    2. Are materials spending too much time in storage?
      1. Is the bulk purchasing price being offset by storage and handling costs?
    3. Are materials handled in the most efficient manner between each operation?
      1. Is a specific operation producing more product than the next operation can handle?
      2. Would additional equipment be cost effective?
    4. Is the placement of machines allowing for a smooth transition from one operation to the next?
  2. Is the end product being shipped in an efficient manner?
    1. Is finished product storage costing excessive storage and handling costs?
  3. Is off site storage viable and cost effective?
  4. Will any changes made affect the safety of the operation?
    1. Does the transfer of materials create opportunities for equipment collision?
    2. Will the changes affect the ergonomics of the facility?

Our Mission

We are committed to provide our clients with real world solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of their operations. We use industrial engineering techniques to improve productivity. Advantage will strive to make these improvements working with you to produce the best results while limiting expense.

Time and Motion Studies

Time and motion studies are a time tested method to improve the worker productivity in a facility.

  1. Studies are conducted in all areas of an operation.
  2. The average weighted time for each element is determined and used to create a time per task for each operation studied.
  3. Allowances are added to allow for fatigue, working conditions, delays and personal time.

The final standard allows management to measure the productivity of each worker using a fair and scientifically proven method.

Labor Union Arbitration

Advantage Consulting will stand behind our work.

If the work we do creates any issues or grievances, we will assist your facility in any negotiations with local or national union entities.

Advantage Consulting has never lost an Arbitration!

Expert Witness

Advantage Consulting has acted as an expert witness in multiple legal and Union hearings.

We will review all of the information related to each case and write our opinions for the case and testify if necessary, to our findings.

Manpower Studies

Advantage Consulting can perform manpower studies to determine the proper level of staffing at your facility.

  1. We will interview all supervisors and key employees
    1. We will determine what steps are needed to complete each task assigned to each employee.
    2. We will garner opinions from supervisors and staff as to how long each task takes to complete.
    3. We will discuss what issues employees have with completing their assigned tasks.
  2. We will observe each task being completed by as many employees as possible.
    1. We will determine the average time needed to complete each task by taking time studies.
    2. We will look at the methods used to complete each task and look for methods to improve efficiency for each task.

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Line Balancing

  1. A Key part to a smooth manufacturing process is performing tasks in an order that does not cause bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.
  2. n order to make the line run as smoothly as possible, each task needs to be studied using time and motion studies.
  3. hese studies will show how long each task takes and what changes can be made to streamline the manufacturing process.

Warehouse Layout

  1. For a warehouse to achieve maximum productivity, all aspects of the warehouse need to be set up to allow for maximum throughput.
  2. When planning a warehouse all phases of operation need to be considered.
    1. WMS System
    2. Receiving
      1. Receiving dock location and size
    3. Put Away
      1. Equipment needed
      2. Storage rack placement and type
    4. Let Downs
      1. Reserve rack placement
      2. Pick slot types
    5. Picking
      1. Racking types
      2. Pallet jacks
      3. Pallet Stacking
      4. Label printer placement and type
      5. Pallet Wrapping
    6. Shipping
      1. Loading Dock placement and size
      2. Loading fork trucks

PC Based Standard Generation Software for Smaller Companies

  1. Algorithm for Main frame

Advantage Consulting Group has the experience to assist any institution in improving its productivity.

The time we have spent working in a range of industries and facilities gives us the ability to draw on our experience in disciplines that our customers may have no past experiences with, and use those to improve the operation for our customers.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide our clients with real world solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of their operations. We use industrial engineering techniques to improve productivity. Advantage will strive to make these improvements working with you to produce the best results while limiting expense.

Public Institutions

Advantage Consulting has experience in working with public institutions to determine the correct staffing levels for the departments of an institution.

Advantage will work your staff to determine how many people are needed in every area of your facility.

Advantage will:

  1. Interview supervisors and staff.
  2. Tour your facility, learning how your facility operates.
  3. Observe your staff conducting their daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

When completed, Advantage consulting group will be able to report:

  1. How many employees are needed to keep all areas of the operation running, allowing for vacation and sick time.
  2. If any areas are underserved.
  3. If any employees could be utilized in multiple areas.
  4. If staffing levels raise any safety concerns.

Physical Plants

Advantage consulting has experience in determining staffing for physical plants, boiler rooms, and reactor operations.

Operations that run 24 hours a day present unique issues for staffing.

In most cases, these operations need to be tended on a continuous basis.

Advantage Consulting Group can observe these operations and determine what levels are staffing are needed to complete all tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

  1. Advantage Consulting will interview all employees and supervisors involved in the operation of the physical plant.
  2. The amount of time needed to tend to the physical plant will be calculated.
  3. Advantage Consulting will determine if the plant operator has time to conduct other tasks that do not interfere with the operation of the physical plant.
  4. These calculations do not take into effect if the local regulations allow the operator to be physically separate from the physical plant.

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Manufacturing Facilities

Advantage Consulting has the experience to help any manufacturing facility improve productivity while maintaining a safe work space.

Our engineers have worked in multiple manufacturing disciplines ranging from Automotive and aerospace facilities, to foundries, to injection molding, food processing plants and even mining facilities.

Our experience gives us the insight to bring methods used in other industries into your facility. We have the experience to set up tests to determine what method will work best for each client.

Our warehouse experience gives us the expertise to assist in material handling and storage at all types of operations.

Warehouse Distribution

Advantage Consulting Group started out developing labor standards for distribution centers.

Advantage Consulting has developed standards for distribution centers all over the world.

Advantage Consulting has been involved in every phase of distribution centers operational life.

  1. Assisting in the planning and building of a warehouse site.
  2. Developing the receiving to shipping areas of a warehouse from the planning stage to the layout of the warehouse to the actual construction of the site.
  3. Planning the type of racking and the size and placement of each slot.
  4. Developing a product placement plan to achieve maximum efficiency and stacking of pallets.
  5. Assisting in the procurement of equipment for the warehouse.
  6. Choosing and implementing the Warehouse management system for the facility.
  7. Developing the standards for each area of the warehouse.