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Industries Served

Advantage Consulting’s clients represent a vast spectrum of industries and institutions. The experience we gained in these projects allows us to have an understanding of the inner workings of many types of facilities, and to use our experience from one area to bring fresh ideas to other types of facilities.

A partial list of the types of facilities where we have completed projects:
industries served advantage consulting group downers grove il

  1. Warehouses / Distribution Centers
  2. Manufacturing Facilities
    1. Machining and Grinding Operations
    2. Foundries
    3. Rolling Mills
    4. Paper Mills
    5. Food Processing Plants
    6. Chemical Processing facilities
    7. Injection Molding
  3. Public Institutions
    1. Universities
    2. Schools
  4. Physical plants
    1. Boiler Rooms
    2. Co-Generation Plants


Our Mission

We are committed to provide our clients with real world solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of their operations. We use industrial engineering techniques to improve productivity. Advantage will strive to make these improvements working with you to produce the best results while limiting expense.

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