Advantage Consulting Group LTD. is committed to working with our customers to provide increased productivity using proven engineering methods. Advantage will strive to achieve this goal using the current resources of the customer. We achieve these goals using the following methods:<

  • Standard Generation
    Advantage Consulting will perform time studies and engineering studies to develop pick and fork standards customized for your facility.
  • Manpower Assessments
    Advantage consulting has the experience to provide both public and private institutions with a comprehensive assessment of the current staffing levels verses the manpower needed to properly operate your facility.
  • Warehouse Slot Generation
    Advantage engineers will work with your staff to set up warehouse racking designs and slots.
  • Labor Arbitration
    Advantage Consulting can act as an expert in labor situations.
  • Software Design and Support
     Advantage Consulting offers continuing support for the programs we implement.
  • Expert Witness In Warehouse Litigation
    Advantage Consulting has assisted warehouses as an expert witness in litigation due to workplace injury and wrongful termination cases.