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Productivity Solutions
Advantage Consulting Group has the experience and technology to make sure that you get the optimum productivity from your work force. Our engineers have at least 20 years of experience in industrial and warehousing settings.

Advantage Consulting Group has been able to save all of our customers at least 20% in labor costs.

Advantage Consulting commits to a relationship of success by providing quality services and working in cooperation with our clients.
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Our Mission
We are committed to provide our clients with real world solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of their operations. We use industrial engineering techniques to improve productivity. Advantage will strive to make these improvements working with you to produce the best results while limiting expense.

Advantage Consulting Group is solution oriented and recognizes our clients’ individuality and their unique needs to operate their business.
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Advantage Consulting Group
Industrial engineering and management consultants

Lowering labor costs for warehouse and manufacturing facilities by 20% or more.

Providing labor standards and method studies as well as industrial engineering services.

Performing time studies (time and motion) for multiple applications Performing manpower assessments for any institution
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