Standard Generation

  • Advantage Consulting Group has been developing standards for numerous service, industrial and distribution industries since its inception in 1995. Our founder has over 40 years of experience in standard development and method improvements and has completed industrial engineering projects all over the country, as well as projects in Europe and Australia.
  • Once implemented, our methods have consistently saved our customers over 20% in labor costs.
  • Advantage Consulting Group uses a proven method of time studies and method improvements that allow our customers to improve the throughput of the operation, while setting benchmarks of expected productivity for the work force to follow.
  • Advantage Consulting Group’s practice of performing time studies for every customer ensures that the developed standards are accurate to each customer’s unique situation. Our method considers any and all issues with environmental conditions, work area limitations and labor restrictions.
  • Our method also ensures that any concerns brought up by the labor force or labor unions can be defended using data obtained at the work site.